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Domain registration cost on Greece

Choose the domain that suits your site at best market rates..Keep low the registration and renewal cost of domain name gr by choosing Hostsun for domain registration on Greece.

/ Renewal
Migration Minimum period
of registration
.gr 10€ Free 2
.com 10€ 10€* 1
.net 12,61€ 10€* 1
.org 12,61€ 10€* 1
.info 12,61€ 10€* 1
.eu 10€ 10€* 1
.club 15€ 13€* 1
.coffee 28,90€ 27€* 1
.mobile 12,61€ 10€* 1
.estate 28,90€ 27€* 1
.computer 28,90€ 27€* 1
.clothing 28,90€ 27€* 1
.events 28,90€ 27€* 1
.guru 28,90€ 27€* 1
.diet 28,90€ 27€* 1

* When transferred to us, the name must be renewed for 1 year (from its current expiration date), therefore the registrar change is free of charge! Not included VAT 24%.

Domain Name Frequently Asked Questions

We answer your questions, to help you select the domain that suits your site at the minimum cost.

Which domain suffix to choose? ?

The suffix of the domain name is called Top Level Domain (TLD). National TLDs are country codes and consist of two characters. In Greece there is a .gr suffix, in France the .fr suffix, a .eu domain in a European region, etc. For example, the .gr TLD (eg domain.gr domain domain) would be the best choice (and SEO) if your site is addressed to a Greek audience.

Domain Name TLDs consisting of 3 or more characters (e.g. .com) are designated "global tlds" and are generally used by organizations and individuals in all countries. Such endings are .com, .net, .org, .info, etc. and are the most popular.

.com for commercial or general content pages
.net for general content pages
.info for sites whose content is informative and provides information on specific topics.

In suffix that are a combination of local and global TLDs and require a description of an organization to be successful, the following apply:

.com.gr can be registered for companies and commercial organizations
.org.gr for non-governmental organizations
.edu.gr for educational institutions
.gov.gr for governmental organizations
.net.gr for Internet Service Providers (ISPs)

In recent years, ICANN has also released the GTLDS that are a description of the subject of the page (eg .hotel, .host, .news, etc.)

Payment methods for domain registration?

You can pay for the domain registration with Credit Card (VISA, MASTERCARD), PayPal, bank deposit with Alpha Bank, Eurobank. During your order, you will see the relevant option, Bank account, and you will also receive an email with the promissory note that lists all relevant information (account number, etc.).

How can I transfer my domain to hostsun (registrar change)?

Transferring the name to us is a free process that can be done in a matter of minutes! With the registrar change does not change anything on your site and no downtime occurs. You just change your management company. The domain name authorization code (which you will get from or will contact us if this is not possible) is required to transfer the domain name. During transportation your site remains active without any problems. You simply make the order and process is completed within 1 minute!

When my domain name will be activated after the order?

For payments by credit card or paypal, it is activated immediately (you will receive a relevant domain confirmation email), and for payment by deposit in our bank accounts it is activated once your deposit has been deposited in our accounts. In the case of a bank transfer from another bank, it may not be on the same day, and in the case of a transfer (or deposit) through Eurobank or Alphabank it is activated on the same day.

How much domain name can I register?

There is no limitation on domain name registration. You can register as many domain names as you want. Multiple domains can "show" in a hosting - site package..



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