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Hostsun Web Services, with its position in the Greek market for hosting websites for years, due to its high quality of services and its reliability, it offers its services to resellers & Affiliates , enabling anyone who wants to work on web hosting business, to make it easy, cheap and fast.

Today Hostusn Web Services has succeeded in acquiring a large network of resellers mainly in the areas of Web Hosting and dedicated servers in most cities in Greece.

We provide all the necessary tools that a web hosting reseller needs. Web Host Manager allows you to add your own logo to all accounts you create, make your own hosting packages by costing them as much as you want without any extra charge, creating your hosting accounts, suspend users etc .

The above combined with the best web hosting resale prices in the market as well as with the integrated technical support rank us high in the preferences of those who want to deal with the web hosting business in Greece.

Start your own web hosting business today!



Tel: +30 2821063941

Email: sales[at]hostsun[dot]com