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Terms of use

The Terms Page describes the principles of proper use and operation, technical security and legal protection of the network and its users. As a network we call Hostsun Web Services and as a user, we call the client, the partner, who is provided with services from the network. These terms are considered to be user-accepted by launching, transferring from another network, or upgrading a service from the network and having the power of a private agreement for each legitimate process.Users who do not agree with these terms must not use the network services. The network provides services to users around the world and to support users in multi-user countries, delegates delegations or signs agreements with approved partners, set by country leaders. Support partners do not legally represent the network but have access to the information required to effectively serve users under their jurisdiction. The management and protection of the personal data of network users is subject to the terms of this section and to the relevant provisions of Greek and European Law on the protection of individuals and the protection of personal data. These terms are formulated taking into account both the rapid development of technology and in particular the Internet and the existing, though not fully developed, legal framework on these issues. In this context, any relevant regulation will be the subject of this section. In any case, the network reserves the right to change the present terms within the existing or possible legal framework.

Personal information

To activate any service, the user declares the correct and valid contact information on the network. The network can communicate with him by mail, e-mail or by telephone, for any matter related to his services. The user's personal information remains confidential in accordance with applicable law and may only be communicated to competent authorities or third parties in the case of infringement of third parties' legitimate rights or in the event that the user has committed unlawful actions. The network reserves the right to use the information to update or provide additional information for new services, upgrades or offers. Each user has the right and ability to disable receiving updates. Declared data is used as owner's data for new domain names ordered by the user. Personal information is in no way disclosed to third parties for advertising purposes. Declared, through the Service Data Table, are the data of the owner of a service provided by the network. This does not apply to domain names, where the owner is considered to be the owner of a domain user. The network can only provide support to the owner of a service and not to third parties who are not listed on the client's tab as owners or managers of a service. If a user changes ownership / user information, through the Service Management Panel, the network considers new items as owner's data and does not consider the original but replaced data.

General Terms and Ineligible Content

The network has no responsibility whatsoever for the content posted or published by users on their personal pages and hosting packages. Other users visit these personal pages at their own responsibility. If the network receives notice that the content of a hosting page or hosting package that affects third parties or violates third-party personal data, the network reserves the right to immediately and without notice interrupt or delete the relevant pages of the user who relative posting or publication. This applies to texts, photos, images, audio files, video files, and any other content a user can post or post on his / her personal pages. The network retains the right to delete files redistributed without permission, as well as the ability to distribute illegal or dangerous software that is likely to be distributed by the user. By starting to use while accepting the terms of this page, the user agrees that the page, its pages, and its secondary hosting accounts do not contain:1. Illegal pornography (excluding licensed stores), passionate propaganda, hype, scam or acts. 2. Material infringing the rights of third parties, including copyright (in software, images, texts, music and other activities). 3. Material that threatens, underestimates, harasses, violates privacy or human rights, is vulgar, indiscriminate or illegal, or constitutes a criminal offense. 4. Material that encourages, encourages, or provides instructions for committing criminal offenses. 5. Software or other material containing viruses creates problems, can harm or destructive.

Domain Names

For domain name entries, the system uses user-specified data as owner data. Each user, after registering a domain name, can verify and confirm the ownership of a domain name through a relevant message from the registry entry or through the Network Services Dashboard and make a protest if it wishes to register with others data. For domain names with a suffix gr, the network can delete and re-register a new domain name, free of charge, within 3 days of the day of registration. Changing property data for domain names with a suffix gr is considered a transfer of ownership and is a chargeable move, according to the current network pricelist, the date of ownership transfer request. International endpoints such as com, net and org provide the change of property data for free and the user can make a change of data through the Network Service Table or with a request to the network. For specific endpoints, such as eu domains, the change of data is considered a transfer of ownership in each case and is a chargeable move. For potential requests to transfer a domain name to other networks or registers, the network is required to allow and technically support a transfer within 7 business days if there are no outstanding user accounts maintained in its tab (in the Service Table) , the domain to be transferred. The network reserves the right to refuse to transfer or deny the provision of technical support for transfers to users who have a financial balance or are still outstanding, unpaid accounts on their tab (in the Customer Department). For any claim of ownership between network users or third parties outside the network, the responsible registers are responsible. The .gr Domain Name Management and Assignment Regulation includes, inter alia, in its Annexes the following models which I have read and declare responsibly - I accept:

Model of Domain Name Assignment .gr

Model Data Change Statements

Model Domain Name Transfer Statement

Model of Change of Name / Organization Name

Model Registrar Change Statement Model

Template for Register of .gr Domain Names

New Agent Statement Statement Model

Υπόδειγμα Δήλωσης Ενεργοποίησης Ονομάτων Χώρου .gr

Especially for domain name registrations, I declare under my responsibility in accordance with Law 1599/86 that the information I declare on the online order form is accurate and true.

General Terms of Shared & Dedicated Hosting

As shared hosting - web hosting packages we call the service provided through hosting packages that are installed on a shared server whose resources are shared to meet their operating needs. For servers that provide hosting services, the network takes care of high security in many areas with hardware and software editing. Despite network security measures, the user can install unsafe software on their shared or dedicated hosting. The network is not responsible for similar security issues. Each user is responsible for upgrading the installed software with security updates and for using complex passwords and secure permissions in their files.

Shared Hosting and Abuse

On each server, a certain number of hosting packages are installed to maintain a sufficient amount of system resource per user. Users using a large amount of resources, disproportionate to the resource ratio per user, may cause resource abuse. Resource abuse is set as a condition after a continuous and everyday use of disproportionate share of resources per user. In this case, the network is required to inform the user via email and reserves the right to temporarily discontinue its account if the abuse is so great that it causes service problems to other users of the same server. A user who is misusing resources may be asked to correct the consumer's problem, which may be due to a security vulnerability of his site from an unsafe user, high traffic, sending emails to a large list of registered users, or using high- system resources need. The user can ask the network system resource statistics about its hosting package to help solve the problem. If the user states that they have found and will resolve the problem, the network can reactivate its account in a user-closed environment until it is documented to solve the problem by the user. After resuming its hosting package, if the system resource abuse continues, the network may resume its account until it is upgraded to a higher resource, service, or user-conscious, change the central domain for alternative use of the package.

Money Back Guarantee and Credits

The Money Back Guarantee gives the user the option to reimburse the activation fee for a shared hosting package from the 1st to the 30th day after the invoice is paid. Applies to shared hosting packages with a paid invoice. For reimbursement, it is necessary to disclose the refund request request and the agreement of the responsible network representative who will receive a refund request and cancellation of the hosting package.Return may take place within 5 business days, in a bank account or in a PayPal account. The Money Back Guarantee does not cover domain names, abuse, digital certificates, and generally non-cancellable services.


All shared hosting hosting packages provide the ability to create full backup of their hosting package and content. The network maintains security backups to ensure data protection in the event of hardware destruction, on a daily, weekly, monthly basis, and is available from the user / administrator for retrieval at any time, at no extra cost or charge. In any case, the customer is required to maintain local backup of his data to cover any failure or natural disaster of the network.

Illegal Usage

In the event that the user, with his or her unwillingness, does not commit illegal use such as spamming, brute forcing, hacking, dos attacking and other illegal invasion methods to other IP, the network has the right to interrupt or delete the responsible account. As spamming, we consider bulk sending emails to unknown and non-registered users who have an e-mail account. In the case of unauthorized use, the network reserves the right to disclose user information and to disclose illegal activities to competent authorities.

Data protection

The network provides services using high-quality hardware and data security safeguards such as backup on secondary servers as well as remote location, high security access to the building, fire detectors and automatic fire fighting system. Copying with mirroring to a second or third disk is also a way of securing the data. In the event of a complete destruction of the data center or a server used to provide service to users, for uncontrolled reasons or physical disaster, the network is not responsible for the potential destruction of data or the possible retrieval of new hardware. All of our services provide backup utilities to add your data to your local network.

Managed και Unmanaged Support

Virtual Private Servers provide two different types of support, both managed and unmanaged. The unmanaged support service includes hardware support, as in all hosting services provided by the network. Includes hardware-warranty support in the event of a malfunction, within a few sessions, and any other action required to make the user's IP accessible via SSH online. In VPS with unmanaged support, the network is not responsible for resolving issues related to the installed operating system or software. Upon request by the user, the service is charged after the customer has been informed. The managed support service includes technical support for basic operating system problems or the installed software / control panel provided by the network. The service does not cover issues related to additional installed software for which the user should contact the software publisher concerned. The service includes solving information about how to fix issues rather than massive actions and tasks for secondary users or user-installed secondary accounts.

Service Updates

No additional request is required for renewal services. For renewal of each service, a bill is automatically issued - an invoice, which, in case of non-payment, can automatically set a service to a suspension, 3 days after the end of a service. The network is not responsible for loss of domain name if the renewal fees have not been paid prior to its expiration date. For Virtual Private Servers and for Dedicated Servers, if the user does not wish to update, the user must update the network 15 days in advance. Alternatively, the cost for the next renewal cycle, or for the first month of the next renewal cycle, in agreement with the responsible network representative, is considered to be chargeable due to software licenses used. The network has the right to delete a service, without any data retrieval responsibility, 30 days after the end of a service.

Network Obligations

The network, for both active and paid services, is required to provide online access management for the services provided. It is required to provide the ability to receive online messages and support requests, the response time of which depends on the country's support representative and the number of pending requests to respond. The network is not required to resolve phone support requests for security purposes, nor to maintain 24/7 phone support. The technical department maintains a series of priorities for the best possible service of all requests. Phone support causes problems in properly managing the priority order as well as in bidirectional provision of command instructions for obvious security reasons. Users enroll their support requests after logging in to the Customer Dept. Management Panel.


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